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fandom forgot its meds today.

Wankity Wank
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the comm

for all the mcr fans who are, quite frankly, sick of what's happening to the fandom. this is not a place to fix it, or a place to receive constructive criticism. this is for those of us who just want to scream about it. is the latest chapter of "omfg gerard is hot" upsetting you? are you sick of seeing horribly-written necrophilia fics? are you just looking for something where bob exists, for christ's sake?

hi, we're "fuck you mcr".

[we are not affiliated with my chemical romance in any way. we are also not telling mcr to go fuck themselves. no, really. we heart them.]

the members

we rant. frequently. mentioning specific fics is perfectly acceptable here, because the mod says so. therefore, DON'T JOIN unless you think you can take the heat. someone might loathe a fic you really liked. please, please do not let it erupt into drama. especially if it's your fic being roasted.

with that in mind, members, please try to maintain a level of civility. tear the writing to pieces, but leave the writers alone - at least until they, personally, have given you a reason to do so. "this author's writing sucks" is acceptable. "this author's mom was in bed with me last night"? not so much.

feel free to disagree with a rant, but again, make your point like an adult. we're here because we think we know better, right? don't lower yourself to the level of those you bitch about.

the rules

1. FRIENDS-ONLY. all posts must default to friends-locked. no exceptions. we are here to rant in a relatively safe space, with like-minded writers. this is not for drama.
2. name names if you want, but again, do not hate on the authors until you have had a specific issue with their work. do not bring grudge wank cause you don't like them as a person.
3. try not to overreact. if someone says something you disagree with... look, it's fanfiction. on the internet. they didn't fuck your kitten; you'll be all right. things in this community WILL be exaggerated, because this is for ranting in when you're upset. just remember nobody really wants to tear out anybody else's entrails. so don't spaz about it.
4. this community is slash, kink, & incest-friendly. by this i mean, please don't whinge about how much you hate a certain kink. whinge about how poorly it gets written, or how it doesn't seem in-character at all, but don't just go off about it as a general thing.
5. because this community will refer to stories of an adult nature, either be an adult, or mature enough that we won't care.
6. non-fic rants are perfectly acceptable IF DEALING WITH THE GENERAL FANDOM OF MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (Not the band, I don't care if you think Bob has a gross beard and should shave.) sometimes, mcr fans are just wonky. feel free to go off about them, too, but try not to name names in that instance. keep it general. no, this does not mean extremely thinly-veiled comments.
7. be considerate. some members may have issues with self-harm, rape, etc. if your rant focuses on one of those, please lj-cut it with a warning; nobody really minds an extra mouse click.

play nice, kids.

-- your mod