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fandom forgot its meds today.
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in Wankity Wank's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
10:09 pm
Can you please go somewhere and die?
Last night around 10 of us waited outside the hotel hoping to meet the guys. 5 of the group had already met them earlier in the day and still insisted on trying to meet them again post show. Those girls were 13 and in the city unsupervised. Great, they are fans, but when they tell me that they're bigger fans than me and rubbed the autographed gear in my face, I wanted to get violent.

Thank heavens the guys arrived through the alternate entrance and saved themselves from the losers. Unfortunate for us, but I didn't blame them at all. Having said that, I must add that I met 15 year old girls in the line who were super cool and nothing like the Mini-Avril's on crystal meth.

I know there are 'teenie posts' everywhere, but these guys sure took the cake. Especially when they shrieked out to Tucker that he has a hot arse. *facepalm* I could have died. Those immature and idiotic fans ruin it for the rest of us who just want to say "hey" and get an autograph.

Sorry, I had to vent.
Friday, August 10th, 2007
5:39 pm
Robin is in the house.
Chapter Four Of Unwanted Love.

Chapter Five Of Grooming.

Hmm. :/

[EDIT: After lurking for so many days, I have decided to make myself APPEAR, and yeah. HAI.]

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
3:51 am
I don't know if this bothers anyone else (besides the people I've already talked to about it) but one of my biggest pet peeves is all the extra, completely unnecessary comments that people make on posts. It happens on fic posts too, but especially in the fullsizing communities. Examples: here, here, and here . (Not trying to pick on anyone in particular, just the first examples I found.)

I understand that you like/dislike/know someone with omg the exact same hair/shoes/pancreas, but seriously folks, is it really necessary to say? You're just clogging up some poor person's inbox with stuff I'm sure they have no interest in, especially when no one has given them the picture they were looking for yet and you're just getting their hopes up with your comment.

Same thing goes for icons. For crying out loud, if someone has an icon of Bob making a funny face, chances are they realized he was making a funny face, hence the icon. You really don't need to point it out. Please stop.

Can we please keep the picture and icon commentary to a minimum? When someone joins/posts in a fullsize community it's because they want someone to give them a picture. If they wanted to talk about how cute Mikey looked in the picture they would join zomgmikeypixlol. Okay?
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
12:25 am
Because god knows we're not bitchy enough...

Anonymous Meme!

Say anything you want about anyone in the fandom. Hateful and outright nasty, or confessions of undying love that might be a little creepy if you revealed yourself.

IP logging off, anonymous comments allowed. You can post under your own name if you feel like it - but that takes out the joy of trying to guess who posted what!

eta because I am not always clear: as in, USERNAMES. directed bitchiness! we have an entire community for generic rants; I wanna see h8. or at least oblique references to "she" and "him" and "that utter h0." :D

eta2: ALMOST 400 COMMENTS BEST EVER! As Bethy&I have said, we are the Little Fandom that Could when it comes to wank. A++.

Though one thread has been deleted. Kara - I am so incredibly sorry, & I wish I'd been up earlier to get rid of that sooner. Whoever made those anon comments, you know what, I'm not even going to bother arguing with you. Just know that someday you're going to get yours and I hope to fuck it's in the form of brutal, violent murder. ♥
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
2:26 am
321popsongs, aka That Crazy Gerald Chick, has been banninated.

It's all fun & games, I'm sure, but when you start posting vagina all over it just gets boring. I'm not going to bother and wait until the shitfit gets huge - we've been relatively dramafree so far. I'd like to keep it that way.

Props to the rest of you for playing nice so far; please try not to feed the troll too much, though. This one isn't even particularly imaginative. [another reason she was banned - man, if you're not making me laugh, you FAIL as a troll.]

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
3:55 pm
Yup. The fandoms gone to completely to hell now.

In junction to the last post here, what's with this recent outbreak of god awful slash/plots that claim to be sarcastic AND parodys? Last time I checked it's not witty nor satirical to use blood for finger nail polish or sever body parts and call them salt water creatures.

I don't know, maybe it's too indie/sundance channel for me doubt it though but I think someone needs to go resident evil on their asses.

2:43 pm
You quickened your pace, and ended up at the counter shortly. Mikey smiled and grabbed your hand, and placed it, palm down on the counter top. "HAPPY FACES, GERARD!" he said and he brought the knife down quickly onto your wrist. It went through quick, and it didn't start hurting until a few seconds afterwards. You tried as hard as you could not to scream. Screaming would make everything so much worse. He lifted the severed hand off the counter, and waved it around in front of your face. "SEE, JELLYFISH!"

I have no words to describe how bad this "story", if you can call it that is so far.

And the worst of it is the fact that the chick wrote Mikey to say "Gerald" but I don't remember there being a Gerald in the band, let alone him being Mikey's brother.

This probably should be an AU too..

Erm..yes..worse fiction Ive read..
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